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Full protection from heel to toe - Ultimate Steel line

Honeywell Ultimate Steel shoes

The Honeywell Ultimate Steel line of shoes are next products that we have the opportunity to present to you as part of our "Partnership for Safety" campaign. 

Ultimate Steel Smilo Evo and Sinra Evo are shoes that provide high protection and comfort. The sole used in the footwear, created according to the innovative "wave concept", which guarantees comfort in all conditions. The "wave concept" takes into account the foot's biomechanics and mimicks the foot’s natural movement. Honeywell shoes are also equipped with anti-puncture steel plate and a front shield ensures safety, which means that the foot is protected from the heels to the toes. 

For more information about the Honeywell Ultimate Steel Smilo Evo and Sinra Evo footwear, please contact our sales representatives.

Honeywell Ultimate Steel Smilo Evo

Honeywell Ultimate Steel Sinra Evo