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industrial tapes 3M

Article | 3m | tapes

05 May 2023

3M™ industrial tapes - reliable on most surfaces

Durable, aesthetic and quick connection of various materials. 3M™ tapes provide high strength, a wide range of applications, good adhesion and resistance to changes temperature.  If you would like know more about 3M™ tapes, please contact our sales representatives or write to  You could also find more information about 3M™ products in the catalog below.  3M™ Industrial Tapes - Catalog    

Happy Easter

Article | Easter

06 April 2023

Happy Easter!

  May all the good things you had wished for start materializing in your world starting from these Easter holidays. Have a beautiful and happy Easter celebration.

3M - abrasive

Article | 3m | abrasive

06 March 2023

Increase productivity and improve safety with 3M™ abrasives

Abrasives are often the fastest and most efficient way to get jobs done and meet production goals. As with all industrial processes, there is some risk associated with their use, both for the operators of the equipment and those around them. Potential hazards include: mechanical injuries from contact with moving parts, burns from sparks and hot parts. In the long term, damage from dust, noise and vibration may also occur. The use of PPE is not all we could do to protect workers. Choosing the right abrasive products is also important. 3M™ offers the Cubitron™II 982CX Pro Fiber Disc for fast sanding with less pressure. Getting the job done in less time reduces operator exposure to vibration. If you would like to know how 3M™ Abrasives could help reduce the risks associated with abrasives, please contact our sales representatives or write to For more information on 3M™ products, see the catalog below: Abrasives 3M™ – Catalog